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U-UV1225 UV printer

UV printers are very suitable for glass, aluminum sheets, ceramic, leather, plastic, wood printing. We designed this model U-UV1225 for ecomonical large format materials printing. It's used for common outdoor and indoor usages. If you have orders of large scale, U-UV2513 and U-UV3020model are better.

This model uses a high speed Epson head and original Epson ink system. High strength standard aluminum alloy frame, servo motors, linear sqaure rails, touch screen make this printer very reliable and fast.

Basic Parameters and Price

Model U-UV1225
Printing Size 1110*2450mm
Price USD15300
Priting Head Epson 9880C
Speed 7.8m2/h(1440*720DPI) or 11.2m2/h(720*360DPI)
Resolution 2880*1440DPI
UV1225 UV printer ceramic sample

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