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combined DTG and Screen T-shirt printer

U-TPDST6 / T10W DTG&Screen printer

World's leading combined DTG&Screen printer. World's ONLY productive printing white and color inks at-same-time DTG printers.

Now we continued our usual earnest attitude and supply T6/T10 DTG&Screen printers, U-TPDST6/10W (for short of 'Unique-CNC co.,ltd T-shirt Printer DTG & Screen with Trays-6 or 10, prints White ink with color inks at the same time) can print on all colors of fabric, dark and light garments. It can also work with screen-printing parts. Before digtial DTG printing, use the screen parts to print white paint instead of ink to save time and white ink cost. T6 and T10 models are same in qualities and different in lengths and trays numbers, prices. We hope you like one or two.

Basic Parameters and Prices

Printing Size 1118mm*1800mm 1118mm*2450mm
Price USD 22,998 USD 24,330
Priting Head Epson T10080 Epson T10080
Colors CMYKW * 2 CMYKW * 2
Speed 50 seconds for a common dark T-shirt, 600-900 shirts a day (8 hours) 50 seconds for a common dark T-shirt, 600-900 shirts a day (8 hours)
Garment Trays 6 10
Resolution 2880*1440DPI 2880*1440DPI
Machine dimensens 2860*1620*1250mm 3750*1620*1250mm
Net/Package weight 325KG/380KG 450KG/560KG

U-TPDST6 printer

Many customers from all the world saw the rapidly orders growth and they are so happy to send their works to us. The beautiful office girls and boys, awesome truck workers enjoyed the designs that shows they are in a same team and their optimistic attitude towards life.

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