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U-TPA0 Digital DTG T-shirt/Garment Printer

Many customers color their life, their bedroom, we disigned this printer of 1.2m*2.5m printing size for full-size printing bedclothes like quilt, comforter shell, cushion, bed sheet, dresses, table clothes. It's also best for big T-shirt printing orders, up to 12 garment trays makes work fast, to save money is to save money.

Now we supply 4 kinds of A0 size T-shirt/Garment printers which are different in printing head and prices, maybe one of it is your choice.

U-TPA0 T-Shirt printer from Unique CNC

Basic Parameters and Prices

Printing Size 1118*1500mm 1118*1500mm 1118*2450mm 1118*2450mm
Price USD12100 USD12500 USD13100 USD13460
Priting Head Epson 7280 Epson 9880 Epson 7280 Epson 9880
Speed 7.8m2/h (1440X720DPI) or 11.2m2/h (720X360DPI)
Garment Trays 6 6 10 10
Resolution 2880*1440DPI 2880*1440DPI 2880*1440DPI 2880*1440DPI

The lovely kids clothes in home page main picture is printed by our U-TPA0A printer. The cutomer has 3 lovely kids, so she printed raw fabric and her kids were very happy made it as final trousers. What a gentle and fragrant home!

A1 garment printer samples

The active girls are celebrating their 5 years friendship.

A1 garment printer samples

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